Self-Respect And Respecting Others

Self-Respect And Respecting Others

Self-Respect And Respecting Others

We more or less understand the meaning of self-respect which is to stay or show reference to one’s own self.

A self-respecting person is one who tends to justify his/her deeds or actions or reactions within the intrinsic belief that s/he cannot possibly do or say wrong things, and if s/he gets insulted by others within the processor is asked to try to or suits ridiculous tasks s/he gets mortally offended.

Losing one’s self-respect is usually the top of the planet for a very self-respecting individual. This, of course, differs from individual to individual counting on the individual’s perception about it and whether his/her sense of self-respect is genuine or cultivated, or vain.

To this point, we’ll come at a later context. First, we must try our greatest to elucidate the syndrome of self-respect or self-esteem further.

How does self-respect come about? We have to be clear about one thing that we will not possibly create self-respect on our own; supposing we can the questions are at which stage of our personality development have we created this: at birth itself or in school/college days or during working life or during married life? Obviously, we cannot provide the answers. Therefore, we must consider this with a detached analysis.

Respecting one’s own self is subject to the essential incontrovertible fact that one knows oneself well. To put it from a personal perspective, I do know myself well which depends on the attributes of my personality: what’s my nature, how I speak or communicate to others, am I honest and frank, my beliefs, and convictions, do I look presentable or not then on.

Now, for these attributes to develop in us we’d like a background or a base, which base is clearly our society and our upbringing.

Our personality develops from these: the environment we are born and mentioned in, our traditions and beliefs given by our parents, the education we have got in schools and colleges, our level of intelligence and presence of mind, quality of the corporate we’ve been keeping all the time, nature and stature of our jobs or businesses, and most significantly, how the society and the others behave with us, look at us and treat us in all respects.

From these attributes in me, I come to understand my personality, and convinced of my ability, I start respecting myself or that I become a self-respecting person.

Another factor of paramount importance about the syndrome of self-respect is how we treat others. It is said that we get respect only we give respect.

So, our inability or unwillingness to respect others may be a factor of which we are often not aware in the least.

It reflects our psychological state of being, that’s to mention, how egoistic or condescending or just proud we are in our outward dealings and the way this impacts our self-respect along with relationships.

In reality, there’s an inverse relationship between our imperiousness and our self-respect: the more the previous the less gets the latter.

We could also be truly unaware of this process or we may pretend our ignorance about this.

Whatever it’s, this process impacts the sense of self-esteem in us, and if we still continue with our peevishness then we start getting similar reactions from others and our self-respect becomes vain and showy.

This brings us to the purpose of having a false sense of self-respect. This is only natural, because we cannot deny anyone of the privilege of getting self-esteem, and everybody features a right thereto, even a vagabond or a thief or a dreaded criminal or all plain corrupt people.

If they still like better to continue living their lives with vain self-esteem, it’s their call, entirely.

For us, all normal citizenry the key to our self-respect in its truest sense is to travel on respecting all others in every stage of acquaintance in our life in every decent sphere of activity, not just for their jobs/tasks/deeds, but also for his or her good gestures and behavior.

And, as we’ve mentioned earlier, you want to not allow ego or pride are available as a way of respecting others.

Else, one fine morning you’ll find altogether |one amongst|one in every of one among your closest ones complaining bitterly and disconsolately that you simply had never really cared for or respected him/her in all your life, which might drive you mercilessly during a spree of introspection on exactly where you had gone wrong: till you discover a clue thereto you, as a genuinely self-respecting person, won’t be ready to survive with self-esteem.

The crux is then, mutual respect for a healthy living within the society of fellow citizenry together with your head held high, never having to stare at the ignominy of losing or probably losing your self-esteem. As a bonus, this is able to further strengthen your relationships with family, kin, friends, colleagues, and every one acquaintance in the least levels of decent activities of life.

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