Protein Rich Vegetarian Diet

Protein Rich Vegetarian Diet

We all have heard that vegetarian food does not provide complete nutrition. How correct is it?

Protein is the essential nutrient of the body for the strength and growth of muscle building, those who work out a sweat, work very hard physically.

They need a good amount of protein in their body. Very often people think that vegetarian food may not give you enough protein but it is a very wrong idea.

Vegetarian food contains very healthy protein and it will really help in the strength and development of the body through all these things, usually, the person Protein should be consumed in one gram of body weight.

Protein Rich Vegetarian Diet

For example, if you are 60 kg in your weight, then your body has more than 60 grams of protein per day, so here are some good vegetarian foods.

Which can give you a Can-do very good protein plumbing, sprouts a sprouted grain, which sprouts and they become a young plant, which is especially highly nutritious in protein that you may have from making many varieties of pigs.

There are other things that can give you a good supply of protein. Let’s see how sprouts are made. The easiest way to consume sprouts is to cook them easily and consume them very easily.

Eating it directly with salt and pepper will make it very tasty for you. Dishes such as crust-making machines can also be made and many such dishes or sprouts can be mixed in any way.

Another method

Another method made in a mixed vegetable recipe is to make a large-scale hummus. Chiku mashed boiled chickpeas with garlic, a little lemon juice, and a little oil. Pour it into a grinder and mash it completely.

It will become a very good source for protein and this paste can be taken with chapatti or with roti or within and, you will enjoy it with some sprouts that are easily inhaled, two to three varieties of black Peanut bean chutney, and so on.

Other foods can give you a good source of protein. Paneer is called cottage cheese in protein, is easily digestible, roasted fresh paneer with ghee and The only thing you can sauté with Yebito is that you can mix it with vegetables.

If you have the time, you can also make a good vegetable from paneer which is very tasty. You can add a cheese content, cheese can be used in various ways and it is very healthy and very tasty. The third is very good protein.

The nuts are easy to eat

The nuts are easy to eat or they are high in protein and Some of the best nuts on antioxidants are also almond cashew pistachio chi walnuts and peanuts.

There are various ways you can get the best nuts. You should soak all these nuts overnight, you can eat them at night because they are fresh or you can cook them or you can mix them with lentils and vegetables and put them in almonds and eat them with milk.

Add some water to the almonds overnight and pour it into the mixer and grind it well.

It will turn out to be almond white milk and drink that it would be the best drink to take peanuts for breakfast in the morning.

Keep them well Fry now grind in the mixer, the peanuts should be ground carefully, you should grind them a little and then turn off a little and stop doing so until you get a little oil from the peanuts.

peanut powder used with chapatti

Mixes and it becomes peanut paste which is peanut butter, now it will be peanut powder used with chapatti with bread and you can eat this peanut and enjoy the day’s dinner, The fourth food which is very high in protein, tofu is a soy product, you make soy milk inhouse, first of all, you should take soybeans.

And soak them overnight. A good amount of water is added to the soybean and it is put in a grinder so that a kind of milk is sieved.

Now soy milk is made, then this soymilk is boiled, and then it is hardened by adding a little lemon to it so that once it becomes thick, the water part comes out.

And the solid residue is soy chunks. Soya chunks can be mixed with vegetables and a good vegetable is made and it is very high protein.

All these foods can be readily available

All these foods can be readily available and can be made very quickly at the fifth point. Some seeds are those that are high in protein. Healthy for all your people.

You can consume these things in a simple way, which you can roast them and eat them or you can make powder from this powder.

Mix it with very few ingredients that you can make at home. Can cook and eat it. These seeds are very popular like chutney. Sesame seed chutney is very good in chutney with chutney, and you should eat these things, so try these are the most natural protein products, these foods are delicious, they are easy to cook regularly and this vegetarian Enjoy protein.


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