Immunity-Boosting Diet for Covid-19

Immunity-Boosting Diet for Covid-19

Immunity-Boosting Diet for Covid-19

Hello Friends !! Immunity-Boosting Diet for Covid-19, India is passing through the second wave of the Corona pandemic, almost all major cities are recording the highest single-day cases, so this is a time, we need to take precautions and stay healthy.

Despite taking all measures, if you find infected, don’t worry. Your body can easily fight the virus if you take the right type of food and take right exercise.

If you are Covid positive, then you should take certain food to boost your immunity and overcome the weakness.

1) Morning drink For Immunity-Boosting Diet

immunity-boosting diet for covid-19

First thing in the morning, a person should take a glass of lemon juice water, add to that a little haldi, chi seeds, and a pinch of cinnamon.

Drink this warm lemon juice water and feel fresh and energetic. Haldi and cinnamon are anti-viral in nature, lemon juice is known to boost immunity, so this combination can be an excellent drink taken in the morning to start your day freshly.

One thing more, a tablespoon full of honey and few drops of ginger could be consumed in a day anytime. This combination has excellent antiviral properties. Ginger has ginger oil and shojal , both are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, that’s the reason a person must take a tablespoon full of honey and few drops of ginger.

2) Morning Breakfast – For Immunity-Boosting Diet

Breakfast is a must and person should have proper breakfast, where you can have Poha, Upma, Idli, Dosa, and such things even like chapati and varieties of chapatis in the morning, a spoon of ghee also should be used, either in any of these dishes that you eat or separately, but a spoon of ghee.

Ghee gives you very good Gut health. Once you consume ghee you will notice that gases would not be formed and even acidity would not be there, food would be digested very easily.

Due to this infection, the digestive system becomes very poor. People have nausea and vomiting and feel quite uneasy in the stomach, here when you take this mixture and ghee added to it you will feel very comfortable and digestion would be very strong.

Most importantly for breakfast, you must have some liquid and so herbal tea. Boil water with ginger. Ginger is a must, boil water with ginger, lemongrass, you can put pudina leaves, mint leaves Tulsi leaves also and boil it well.

3) Lunch – For Immunity-Boosting Diet

Strain it and add milk add jaggery and take this liquid. This will be a very healthy liquid to be taken. Now let’s understand what to take at lunch.

At lunchtime, whatever you are used to, eat it, only it should be a very easily digestible vegetarian food. It could be dal rice it could be chapati and vegetable but see to it that in vegetable you add green leafy vegetable also and that too spinach as far as possible and have a glass of buttermilk also with all this.

Spinach has nitrates, which produces Nitric oxide, this nitric oxide has anti-inflammatory properties and stops viruses from spreading in the body.

Even pomegranate juice, beetroot juice, and pineapple juice, all have nitrates, so consume them as juice anytime in a day.

3) Evening Snack – For Immunity-Boosting Diet

So now let’s see what to eat in the evening as an evening snack, dates, nuts, seeds must go in your system and this is the time you can munch something, which you feel like very light and nice, so you can have puffed rice you can have popcorn you can have sukha bhel sort of stuff you can have a handful of gram chana you can have groundnuts boiled with salted water, cooked well and eaten at this time.

4) Dinner –

All these foods can be an excellent evening snack, only you have to consume very little and finally dinner.

Dinner should be the lightest among the whole day’s routine. It could be kadhi khichdi or it could be a very very thin dal as a soup or any other soups.

Mixed vegetable soup, sweet corn soup, or any other soup you could take with khakhra, chapati, or little bhakri or little soft chapati and see that you have proper dinner.

Before going to bed, when you are about to go to bed, take a little cup of milk with turmeric, haldi. Preferably it should be warm milk.

In Ayurveda

In Ayurveda it’s mentioned that turmeric milk is Ojas in nature, it gives you a good amount of energy, it makes you feel relaxed and so a person should take that at night.

Such simple milk with turmeric really helps in better sleep and if you sleep well all the hormones in your body are going to help you to come up to the level where immunity goes high and where the infections handled very easily. Foods like lemon juice, beet, honey, dates, are all alkaline in nature, so eat them definitely and see that you don’t get acidic in your system.

What makes your food acidic, you should know that chilly, garam masala, fried food packeted food, all these are such food that would make your system acidic, don’t use any of these things, be careful that your body must have more alkaline liquids and so every 2 hours you should eat something out of what alkaline I have mentioned.

Lemon juice, dates take honey and ginger go on taking a little every 2 hours and see that your system is more alkaline. So follow this right kind of food, right kind of exercises and what type of exercises you should do and how to do I have mentioned this earlier, you will find it in the link below, follow that and understand, what makes the system more acidic, what makes a system that would be harming you is your state of mind.

If the mind has tension, anxiety, fear, that is going to bring nothing else but the acidic tendency in your body.

To avoid that, start laughing, enjoy things around you, think well think positive and everything would be fine.

You always attract those things which you think. Your emotions attract the same type of emotions, so have a very positive state of mind, make jokes and laugh, and giggle and that would make everything beautiful.

So enjoy life with the infection without infection because you can handle these things very well.

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe.

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