How To Sell Books On Amazon Step by Step Guide 2021

How To Sell Books On Amazon Step by Step Guide 2021

How To Sell Books On Amazon

Do you know How to Sell Books on Amazon?

We all know Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world and also a very popular online marketplace. But many sellers have forgotten an important fact about Amazon.

That is – Amazon started its journey with a very small online book-selling store Today there are millions of products on Amazon But still, the book is the second most profitable category of Amazon.

And very big revenue share of Amazonas generated by these books. So, today I will tell you almost everything related to bookselling on Amazon.

Like how to sell books on Amazon, Where can you purchase the book from to sell on Amazon, Which books will give you the most profit, Which books you should definitely stay away from, Can you sell books on Amazon without GST, Some secrets and tips, and finally I will answer the golden question, Is selling books on Amazon actually profitable?.

Now I have a question for you Can you sell books on Amazon without GST? Let me know in the comments by typing Yes or No. So let’s start this article with some key facts.

Fact #1:

50% of book sales are controlled by Amazon. Books are the second most profitable category on Amazon. And Amazon is increasing its market share significantly year over year.

Fact #2:

83% of Buyers are happy with Amazon. Why? Because customer service is the topmost priority for Amazon. If the customer is happy, he will purchase repeatedly from Amazon. and that will make you good profit as well.

Fact # 3:

86% of Amazon Sellers are profitable. and 67% of new sellers become profitable in the first year itself. Now let’s talk about how to sell books on Amazon.

If you want to sell books on Amazon and make a good side income, then precisely, keep aside 1 Hr 57 Min per day for your Amazon business.

Why? As per the research conducted by The Hustle, to create a successful side income or side business, you require 11 hours per week.

That means approximately 2 hours per day depending upon whether you work 5 days a week or 6 days.
But if you are damn serious to sell books on Amazon, then I would suggest you keep aside 2 hours per day for your Amazon Business.

And in these 2 hours focus only on selling books on Amazon. So, to sell books on Amazon, first, you will have to create an Amazon Seller Account.

The next step is you have to list your books. This will take you hardly 4-5 minutes For this you will need the ISBN of the book.

And you will add this number in the Catalog section of your Dashboard Almost all books are already listed on Amazon. So, I don’t think you will face any problem in this process.

Once you see your book in the search result, first and foremost, you will have to select its condition.

You have 2 options for conditions on this page That is New and Used Once you select an option, you will click on Sell on Amazon Amazon will refer you further to the more details page.

After that, you have to give 3 primary information’s First, Price of the Book. Second, Quantity of the Book, Third, Condition of the Book.

And when you submit all 3 information on Amazon, after that in some time, your books will be listed on Amazon and ready to sell.

Before moving ahead, I will tell you about ISBN and acceptable conditions of the Books Full form of ISBN is International Standard Book Number.

This is a unique number which is given to every book in clear terms, every ISBN represents a book This is usually of 10 digits or 13 digits All the books that have been published after 1 Jan 2007, on all those it is 13 digits unique number.

You will find this at the back of the book. Now let’s talk about what conditions of the book are accepted by Amazon.

Amazon usually gives 5 options

Option #1:

News the name suggests, these books are absolutely new, unopened, unmarked And its wrapping is also maintained So, there is no wear tear on this book. This is a fresh new book you will list this type of book in the New category.

Option #2:

Used-Like New, In this case, there can be slight wear and tear on the outside wrapping But the original packing should be intact.

There should be no damage to the book There should be no marks or wear and tear of any kind. So, you will list this type of book in Used-Like New.

Option #3:

Used – Very Good Those books that have been used less. These are in readable condition.

There is not much wear and tear There should be no mark and no damage and the book should be complete You will put this book in Used-Very Good Condition.

Option #4:

Used-Good Those books, in which wear and tear are because of constant use but the condition of the book is ok. There can be markings on the book but the book should be complete.

Option #5:

Used-Acceptable Those books whose condition is very bad with a lot of wear and tear but the book is complete and there is no problem in reading it.

So, in these books, wear and tear are allowed, markings are allowed, corners could be torn, scratches can be there, but the book should be such that there is no problem reading it. So, you can list this type of book in this category.

Now let’s talk about where you can purchase the book to sell on Amazon For this, there are basically 5 methods.

Method #1:

Scanning Method This is one of the most popular methods In this, you scan the ISBN code of a book using the Amazon Seller Apothem moment you scan the ISBN code, immediately, the Price and Best Seller Rank of that book will appear.

On the basis of that, you can decide if you can make a profit by selling this book or not. Although this method is effort-intensive and hectare, scanning each and every book is not an easy job.

Method #2:

Online Arbitrage This method is followed by most sellers, especially in India. In this method, you purchase the books from any other online marketplace or website Like India Mart, Trade India Ebayany other websites. And after purchasing from thereafter adding your commission, you resell that book on Amazon.

Method #3:

Bulk Purchase / Wholesales the name suggests, In this case, you purchase the books in bulk that too at a super low price You can buy this type of books directly from publishers or wholesalers, In this case, you can make the most profit. As you have purchased the book in bulk and at a very cheap price.

Method #4:

Sell your own books This is one of the simplest methods to start your Amazon bookselling business. Check at your home, which are those books that are gathering dust.

Which are those books that you have already read and will not use further. In this case, you can sell everything – old textbooks, comics, novels So this is a good method, in which, the books that you have already read, or are not required or want to give to someone, you can sell those on Amazon to make a good enough profit.

Method #5:

Free Books Yes, you can sell Free books also, on Amazon. Where will you get these books? These books you will find on websites like craigslist, Facebook marketplace, or Facebook Groups.

Many sellers use these types of websites to discard their inventory. But you have to a bit careful because it is possible that, the sellers who want to discard their inventory, these books may be those that have not sold on Amazon.

so you will have to do some research on the books that you are thinking to sell and the books you are getting for freewill that sell on Amazon or not. Before going forward, one very important piece of information -Hear this information carefully.

You can use any of these 5 methods to purchase the books But you have to remember one thing that whichever method you use to purchase the books, you must take the invoice with it.

The name of the book should be clearly written on that invoice. On that invoice, the supplier details, their name, contact details, GST number, everything should be there.

This is very important. So that you don’t face any problems in the future in your Amazon Business Along with the invoice, you should also have a Brand Authorization Letter If you don’t have the brand authorization letter, then try that you purchase the book from an authorized supplier.

Because if you don’t have the Brand Authorization Letter or Invoice, then mark my words, the day Amazon audits your account, it will be suspended. So make sure, when selling on Amazon in any category having brand authorization letters and invoices is mandatory.

Now let’s talk about which types of books sell most on Amazon.

Type #1:

Text Books If there is any Gold Standard in the case of Used Books, then no one can beat Text Books These books are in demand throughout the year. And sales of these books overshoot as the school and college exams approach.

At this time, students do not bother about the high price either. And absolutely do not like waiting. So you can make a good enough profit by selling Text Books In the case of Text Books, many people are also looking for 1st editions or older editions.

So if you have that, then by selling it, you can make even more profit. There is only one issue in this case Sometimes, publishers brand gate these types or categories of books. Brand Gate means that any non-certified seller can not sell used or new books So this is a small issue with the textbooks.

Type #2

Niche Books Those books which are printed in less quantity and part of large collection These books can generate good profits due to lack of competition.

For e.g., a long ago I have made a good profit by selling Dungeons & Dragons books. I simply bought it from eBay& resell it on Amazon.

Type #3

Comic Books, You can sell comic books on Amazon. whether is a single issue or graphic novel you can make a decent profit by selling books. and in case you have a collectible issue then, you can obviously make more profit.

Type #4

Non-Fiction books perform well wart fiction books but that doesn’t mean, fiction books are absolutely useless. Based on my experience, fiction books lose out their value quickly wart non-fiction books.

Type #5

Hardcover The price of hardcover books is higher than paper bookstand are more valuable. so, obviously, you can make more profits by selling these.

Now, let’s talk about books you should stay away from. but before that, important information. If you want your Amazon account or get your listing optimized to be managed by the Amazing Marketer teamer you want to get trained from me to grow your Amazon business then, do visit the Amazing Marketer website.

Now, let’s get back to the topic, types of books don’t sell well on Amazon and you should stay away from them.

Type #1

Fictions I have mentioned, the performance of fiction book is a poor wart. non-fiction books There are certain reasons behind it.

Reason #1

Fiction books have high print runs. means there are more copies in circulation. So, if the number of books is high then, the competition will be high as well.

Reason #2

After reading the fiction book, readers usually pass on the books or resell ion the other hand, readers kept the non-fiction books to themselves to refer again & again Reason #3The cover price of fiction bookies low wart non-fiction book

Type #2

Cook Books Cookbooks perform poorly on amazon. Don’t even think about these in your dreams. The reason is might be YouTube and other video platforms where people like to see and learn about foods, obviously it is easier to cook food by watching than reading. So, this is the reason or this might be the reason behind the poor performance of cookbooks.

Type #3

Mass Market Paperbacks Cookbooks perform poorly on Amazon but here comes the worst, Mass Market PaperbacksWhy?It has a high print run means a high number of copies in circulation that ultimately leads to super high competition. It has a very low price. I have seen many booksellers on Amazon sell these books at a loss So, stay away from these books.

Type #4

Popular New Books Any kind of new books whether non-fiction, comic, or any bestseller would highly advise you to stay away from popular newly launched books why? Because you have to compete with Amazon itself and it’s next to impossible to beat Amazon at price.

So, it’s better to stay away from newly-launched books. So, before moving to the next section, let me answer one of the most important questions which most of the sellers asked me on a day-to-day basis can I sell books without a GST number? The answer is Yes, you can sell books without GST number on Amazon India Books comes under GST exempt category so you don’t require any kind of GST number, and you sell books without GST number.

Now, let me tell some secrets & tips related to bookselling

Tip #1

Seasonality Matters As we all know, sales increase on festivals and holidays. Similarly, Books also have the busiest month. Though books sell throughout the year. but, an upsurge has been observed in the month of November. Might be due to Christmas book sales boost on festivals like Father’s day & Rakshabandhan.

Tip #2

Check BSR before selling books on Amazon – Best Seller Rank This is one of the best methods to decide which book can be sold or not.

Most of the seller thinks, if the BSR is good then they can sell more, However, it not always like that Good BSR means the book is popular and high popularity means high competitions, there are chances that you might have to sell your books on reasonable profits or neck-to-neck in which you hardly make any profit.

On the other hand, if the BSR is not good then, there are chances you might didn’t get any single order because the demand for that book is obviously low.

So, here is the pro tipoff you want to choose BSR for any book then always select BSR from 10,000 to 2,00,000This is the best range to start with.

Tip #3

Maintain & list the book in the right conditions If you are an avid reader or read lots of books then try to maintain the condition of books so that you can resell those books on Amazon and make some profits.

Now, the answer to the golden question selling books on Amazon profitable? The short answer is, Yes, it can be worth tithe long answer is, Yes, it can be worth it if you do your homework properly.

You have to follow each & every guidelines & policy this includes your pricing, your resource, your time, your effort, and your sweet spot in your niche You can earn INR 200 or 2000 or 20,000 or even more by selling books on Amazon.

Everybody has a different measurement of success but I think if you can create a side income or side business by just working 1 hr 57 min daily so, it’s not a bad dealt is possible, from your side income, you might fund your next vacations or you might purchase your next high-end mobile phone, and there might be chances if you work hard, you can convert this part-time income into a full-time income.

You may become a 6-figure Amazon seller or a 7-figure Amazon seller. So, I would suggest, 2 hrs per day you can easily take out for your Amazon business.


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